Govt warns on visa scams, unveils costs of visas in Uganda

costs of visas in Uganda

Government of Uganda has warned travelers to beware of fraudsters on the internet that are scamming people with fake electronic visas (e-Visas).

Through the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control, the Ministry of Internal Affairs also released the costs of visas in Uganda.

According to the statement released by the Ministry, the official electronic visa application portal for Uganda is,

And through this website, you can also be able to apply for a Work Permit, Certificate of Permanent Residence, Students Passes and Dependents passes at official fees.

Uganda visa cost

The costs of visas in Uganda range from US$50 to US$150.

The cheapest visa is the Ordinary visa, which costs $50 while Multiple-Entry Visa costs as much as $150.

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Below are the type of visas and official fees

1. Diplomatic visa (for Diplomatic and Official Passport Holders) — USD0.0

2. Uganda Ordinary/Tourist Visa — USD50

3. East Africa Tourist Visa — USD100

4. Transit Visa — USD50

5. Multiple-Entry Visas for 6 months — USD100

6. Multiple-Entry Visas for 12 months — USD100

7. Multiple-Entry Visas for 24 months –USD150

After applying for the Uganda visa, you’ll be able to get it in less than three working days, according to the Ministry.

Visa scams

According to the Internal Affairs ministry, below is how to tell the difference between the fake visa portals and the real one:

“The unofficial websites are designed to confuse clients and appear as though it is legitimate whereas not. While the unofficial site has three steps and has No official logo, the genuine official application site has the DCIC Logo and Uganda Court of Arms and is done in four Steps which are: Selecting the Application type; Fill the form; Add documents and Submit your application.”

The government insists that if you apply through the fake site it shan’t be held responsible.


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