How to correct your National ID information in Uganda

correct your National ID information Uganda

The entire National ID registration process had a few errors here and there. Ranging from incorrect name spellings to the wrong date of birth and gender.

However, if you’re a victim, the government agency charged with this service has a provision for you to correct your national ID information.

But correcting your details will incur a small cost as you submit your application form.

The charge for the application is currently set at Shs50,000.

The requirements needed to correct your national ID information are just a filled application form downloadable from the NIRA website, a bank slip showing the proof of payment of your application fee, supporting documents showing the correct details you wish to have updated.

Such supporting documents can be birth certificates, court affidavit, national ID copy or any other official document.

If you have all these documents, then you can proceed with the following steps to correct your national ID information;

The process of correcting your national ID information

Using a browser on any device, navigate to, the official NIRA website and click on FORMS.

This should open a drop-down-menu as seen below. Click on Forms for Registration of Persons.

Uganda national ID

You should now be directed to a new page showing a list of all available forms. Click to download form 1 as shown in the image below.

Fill in all the required information and sign the document. Once done, the next step is to process your payment slip.

To do this, visit, the official URA website and click on e-services. While on the e-services page, click on Payment Registration in the Payments section.

The next step in the process to correct your national ID information will be filling in the necessary information in the page and clicking to register details at the bottom of your page.

Select DT as the Payment Type and choose Other NTR.

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Select NIRA in the Ministry section and Miscellaneous Payments as Department.

See image below for the rest of the details to fill in. Remember to select Correction of Errors-New ID Required as the TAX HEAD option.

Follow the next steps and print your payment receipt.

Visit the bank and make your payment. Gather all the documents used so far.

The filled and signed Form 1, supporting identification documents and the slip to show confirmation of payment and head over to NIRA for processing.

Once done, you will have to wait a few weeks or months for your new corrected national ID to be printed.

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