How to buy & sell Bitcoin on Chipper Cash app

We have known Chipper Cash, as an African payments platform, for its instant transfer of money between accounts for free! However, we might have missed a bit about them! The app, recently and without our notice, added the ability for users to buy and sell bitcoin across Africa on its platform.

Yes, you can now easily buy and sell bitcoin in a few seconds directly using your Chipper balance. The service basically allows anyone with a Chipper Cash account to buy bitcoin using any of Naira, South African Rand and Uganda Shillings currencies. For the Nigerians, Bitcoin costs from as low as 380 Naira; for the South Africans, Bitcoin goes for as low as 16 Rand; while Ugandans can get Bitcoin for as low as 3, 500 UGX.

To use the new service, download or update your Chipper Cash mobile app. You can get it from the Play Store for Android users or the App Store for iPhone holders. Then, open and tap on the ‘Invest’ icon at the bottom of the homepage. A disclaimer will pop-up. After accepting it, tap either ‘Buy’ or ‘Sell’ on the next page.

You can enter the amount you wish to purchase or sell in your local currency, and then confirm the details and finish by clicking either ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Sell Now’.

bitcoin chipper cash

You can simply exchange funds with various users in Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, Rwanda, and Tanzania. And talk of flexibility, you can receive money in any currency, and have the app automatically exchange it into your currency of choice without a visit to a forex outlet.

It is essential that you verify your account to make it a lot easier for those that wish to send you money on the app, as well as increase your transaction limits and get first-hand support in case of any issues.

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How to buy & sell Bitcoin on Chipper Cash app
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