NIRA: What you need to apply for a national ID in Uganda

apply for a national ID in Uganda

The National Identification Registration Authority (NIRA) recently rolled out a new program where they’ll allow people to apply for national IDs and correct errors on IDs that were issued with wrong details.

If you had an ID and lost it, you can also apply for a replacement.

The program will run for three months.

Each of the above processes calls for different requirements.

We have, in previous articles, written about most of them.

You can find details on how to replace your ID in case you lost it and how to correct national ID information.

Below, we look at what you need to apply for a national ID in Uganda.

Remember, the government has made the Identity Card a very crucial possession; without it, you can’t get the new ePassport.

According to NIRA, a first-time national ID applicant will need a letter from LCI with clearance from GISO [Gombolola, or Sub-county, Internal Security Officer] or DISO [District Internal Security Officer].

The letter should indicate your citizenship, tribe, clan and parents’ details (names and status, whether they are dead or alive).

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To apply for a national ID, you’ll also need a copy of either parents’ National ID, according to NIRA.

Personal identifying Documents like Birth Certificate [read how to get a birth certificate online], passport [read how to get ePassport], Permit etc. are also necessary. (one of the three can work.)

The current national ID registration program is being conducted at sub-county level or any NIRA offices.

NIRA has also released a list of services that are free and those that are paid for.


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