Costs and how to apply for an ePassport in Uganda online

apply for ePassport in Uganda

East African governments have introduced digital passports and this article will show you how to apply for an ePassport in Uganda.

There are three kinds of passports – ordinary, official and diplomatic. They cost differently and they come in different colors.

First, when you decide to apply for an ePassport in Uganda, you have to put the requirements together.

And they are:

1. Birth Certificate (See how to get a Birth Certificate if you don’t have one)

2. National ID (See how to get a national ID or have it replaced)

3. Recommender (must be a Ugandan citizen) [A copy of their national ID is needed]

4. Two copies of passport size photograph. (These photographs must be taken full face without a hat, veil and must not be mounted with the ears and eyes clearly seen.)

5. Other certificates: Marriage, Adoption, Dual citizenship, Naturalization (these apply in specific cases)

6. Payments:

The costs of the different passports are as follows: Ordinary passport (Shs250,000), Official/service passport (400,000), Diplomatic passport (500,000).

If you apply for an ePassport in Uganda and you want it processed within a short period, you will pay for Express service which costs Shs150,000.

The passport will be certified for Shs30,000 and those abroad are charged Shs10,000 for courier service.

Remember, the above fees are exclusive of bank charges. You can pay the money for the passport at any URA revenue collection bank such as Bank of Africa, Diamond Trust Bank, Stanbic, Barclays, Orient etc.

After paying, make sure you get a receipt which you’ll attach to the passport application form.

The form you need to apply for an ePassport in Uganda online can be downloaded from the website of the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration, which is under the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The details needed, apart from the aforementioned requirements, is information about you and your parents or wife.

After filling the form, you’ll then take it to the nearest Passport Centre and wait for it to be printed so you can go and pick it. (See the list of the passport centers here.)

Remember, after the end of January 2021, only the International e-Passport will be valid for International travel.


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